Caldwell County Missouri located in Northwest Missouri.
Kingston, Missouri

KINGSTON was established in 1843 and is the oldest town now in existence in the county. It was named for Judge, James King, a popular judge of Richmond, Missouri. He later became Governor of the State.

Kingston Celebration

In the fall of 1843 the second Courthouse, a log cabin, was erected. In 1847 that structure was replaced by the third courthouse, a two-story brick building, that later burned to the ground in April of 1850 and all the records were destroyed. The countyawarded the contract to build another courthouse and appropriated $20,000. The fourth courthouse was completed in September, 1898. On November 28, 1896, a fire once again consumed the Caldwell County Courthouse. The present courthouse was constructed in 1898. Bonds for an indebtedness of $18,000 were passed on March 5, 1898. The court selected the proposal of Kansas City architect L. Grant Middaugh and awarded the building contract to Stanberry Pressed Brick Company for $24,827 in May of 1898. J. W. Harper, presiding judge acted as superintendent of construction. It is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

School "for the colored"

A railroad linked Kingston to Hamilton. When the railroad fell to the floods of Shoal Creek, the town began to die. Kingston was also the home of a school "for the colored" which drew from all over the area and that building still stands today in Kingston. Now only a few hundred people live in Kingston.

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