Caldwell County Civil War Reenactment... A Country, A County, Divided

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Daily Schedule

School Day and Living History

  • 8:30 New Exhibit "Divided Loyalties" - Historical Society (all day)
  • 8:30 School buses begin to arrive
  • 8:30 - 12:30pm - Battlefield - "The Civil War in Missouri," Sutler tents open, Sutler demonstrations, Military Camps: Artillery, Infantry, Cavalry, Medical demonstrations; Home Guard recruiting effort, Civil War era children's games sponsored by the county library
  • 12:00 - 1:00pm School buses depart
  • 9:30pm Artillery Night Fire at the battlefield
  • 10:30pm Taps

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  • 8:00 Reveille Run starts with the first cannon
  • 9:00 New exhibit "Divided Loyalties" - Historical Society (all day)
  • 9:00 Fashion show and "Little Mr. and Miss Bushwhacker" Contest (New Event)
  • 10:00 Thrailkill-Taylor Raid Preview (new time)
  • 10:30 The Thrailkill-Taylor Raid on Kingston (new time)

The day starts as another hot July day in Kingston. The citizens, while wary because there is war about them, go about their business until an alarm shouted by a civilian mounted man that Confederate raiders are headed to town. Alarm and panic ensues! Confederate mounted and dismounted raiders enter town from south. They immediately begin to seize civilian men and boys. The women are in panic. Raiders are ordered to take courthouse. Men go inside, seize a money pouch from the safe, and run out. One or two men go to the balcony to lower the Union flag. There is a confrontation with feisty pro-Union woman, Confederates laugh at her spunk, tear down Union flag and toss it to the ground below. She picks up the flag and takes it with her. Thrailkill orders town torched. While some raiders light torches, others go into stores and drag civilians out. Stores torched. Some Union resistance and shooting of civilians. One man dragged out of store is recognized as a Southern man by one of the Confederates, his store ordered left alone, guards posted outside to protect, the rest of the stores torched. Word comes that Union troops are on their way. The Confederates withdraw west of town.

  • 12:00 Living History Vignette - Historical Society Welcome Center
  • 12:00pm Tactical prep - Polo and Hamilton students' briefings to the officers
  • 2:00pm Civil War tactical battle planned by area schools (New Event)

This is a unique event that pits Hamilton and Polo Middle school students against each other in a fictional scenario. The scenario is based upon a fictional turn of history that poses the question: "What might have happened in Caldwell County if General Sterling Price had won the battle of Westport in October, 1864?" Hamilton will be the Union guarding the Hannibal-St. Joseph Railroad line. Polo will be the Confederates and will attempt to penetrate the Union defense to disrupt and overtake the railroad. The students will present their plans to the reenactor Union and Confederate commanders before the reenactment. The reenactors will carry out the plans in a tactical exercise before judges and the public. The judges will base their decision on technical observations, but the public will be able to vote on Facebook with their smartphones and tablets. Who will carry the day - the Union or the Confederates?

  • 3:00 Medical demonstration
  • 6:00 Dinner for reenactors, sponsors and volunteers
  • 7:30 Ball at the courthouse square
  • 10:30 Taps

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  • 7:00 First Call
  • 9:00 New exhibit "Divided Loyalties" - Historical Society (all day)
  • 10:00 Battlefield, Period church service, interdenominational, local churches invited to join us!
  • 11:00 Prepare for Cornstalk Fight (new time)
  • 11:30 Cornstalk Fight (Confederate Bushwhackers and Union Cavalry)

Recruiting has been taking place in the streets in Kingston with some pro-Southerners recruited but mostly pro-Union opposition accompanied by some street shootings of pro-Union men after argument. A courier has ridden in from the North and has warned that that Union troops are headed to town from Hamilton. The Confederate cavalry has ridden to the bridge on Shoal Creek north of town and attempted to burn it to block Union advance. The Confederate infantry is now setting up ambush in a cornfield. Union mounted and dismounted militia arrives on north side of bridge before the bridge is fully involved. The Confederates hide in cornfield and prepare to ambush Union troops. As the Union Cavalry passes the cornfield, firing erupts. Infantry and cavalry engagement for about 30 minutes with Confederate retreat scattered and disorganized.

  • 1:00 - 3:00 Bounty payments; assembly area

  • 1:30 Optional Generic Battle to Settle the Score From Saturday

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Admission Free... Family Friendly Event

Caldwell County, Missouri
A Country, A County - Divided Civil War Reenactment
Caldwell County's Civil War Days Reenactment and Living History Festival
Dates: June 6-8, 2014
Location: Kingston, Missouri

For Information, Contact:
John Deis, 59 S. Harrison St., Kingston MO 64650
(H) 816-586-2691 (C) 816-465-0052
Email John
For Contributions, Contact:
Wendy Bowen, Caldwell County Foundation
23 West Main St. Kingston, MO 64650
Phone: 816-586-2711

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